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Pruning TPO trees in Wolverhampton

One of our customers received a letter from Wolverhampton council requiring them to remove all branches overhanging the highway up to a height of 5.2m. The beech tree was overshadowed by a sycamore growing next door forcing the beech to

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Save our forests – The debate continues

The debate about the future of our forests continues the BMC reports that nine organisations, representing a range of people who enjoy the great outdoors, have today (10th May) issued a statement to the Chair of the Independent Panel on

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Save England’s forests, stop the big sell off.

The Forestry Commission was created by the government after the first World War to ensure Britain would have enough timber in any future wars. Unfortunately World War 2 came a little too soon as the new plantations were too young

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How much is a forest worth?

Can you put a price on a rain forest? Well apparently you can and the price tag is a cool $1.3 billion

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Horticulture sector reacts to legislative programme set out in Queen’s speech | Horticulture Week

A clearer picture of how the new Government’s plans will affect the horticulture industry is unfolding thanks to a series of announcements made as the new Parliament opened this week. On Tuesday The Queen’s Speech outlined the new legislative programme

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