Arboricultural Mortgage Reports

Are you buying a house with a tree (or many trees) on the property? You may need an Arboricultural Mortgage Report, also know as a tree report for home buyers

It’s always a good idea to get trees checked out before your purchase the property. You can save a lot of time, hassle and money in the future by getting an arborist to make sure the tree is safe.

Surveying your (soon to be) tree to make sure that it safe involves looking for the following

  • It’s not about to fall over and damage your new dream home
  • Any damaged or dead branches which may fall off
  • Space issues.  Is it likely to remain health but cause damage as it grows
  • Water and light demand issues.
  • Future conflicts with services, highways and neighbours.

Have an arboricultural mortgage report could have prevented this damage and cost


Reports for mortgage providers

If your homebuyers survey mentions a tree your mortgage provider will want to know more. They are looking for assurances that the tree is not going to cause damage to the property you are buying.

They will request more information and require you to get an arboricultural mortgage report. They usually do this as you are about to exchange contracts, right at the last minute. This adds delay and a lot of stress to the already stressful process of buying a house.

If you have a significant tree on the property you purchasing we recommend getting an arboricultural mortgage report done as soon as possible. That way if the mortgage provider asks for an arboricultural mortgage report you have it to hand. By doing it sooner rather than later, you can also put your mind at rest about the safety and future implications about the tree.

We can normally conduct an arboricultural mortgage report site visit within a day or two. It takes an additional two days to type up the report. If it is urgent please let us know and we will do our best to fast-track the arboricultural mortgage report for you.