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Which? Approved Trusted Traders

Sponsored Ad We’re always going on about doing jobs the right way and looking after our customers. When it was suggested we join Which? Trusted Traders scheme we had no hesitation in applying to join the scheme. It was quite an in-depth application process. Before they came to visit us they checked out Our company details…

By Richard February 5, 2016 0

Free tree health check worth £100

Sponsored Ad No one likes waking up to find half of their tree across the neighbours garden.  And with winter approaching its a good idea to get you trees the quick once over by one of our arboriculturalists (that’s a tree expert to you and me). Maybe you have concerns about a tree (or trees) on or…

By Richard November 10, 2015 0

Trim and Tidy in Cannock

Trim and Tidy in Cannock

Sponsored Ad We often get asked to tidy up neglected hedges and overgrown bushes. Here is what we did Reduced the height of the conifer Reduced, shaped and trimmed 2 holly trees Crown lifted a purple plum Trimmed a mixed hedge Lifted and pruned back an overgrown hazel over shadowing the back door As you…

By Richard June 9, 2015 0

Why we do what we do

Sponsored Ad It’s quite often said that we are in the tree business but i disagree, we are in the people business. After all it’s people who employ us and pay us to solve problems with trees. Be it to remove a tree or just take the hassle out of trimming the hedge or fruit trees.…

By Richard May 21, 2015 0

Rogue traders strike and getaway with £400

Sponsored Ad We were recently contacted by a lady named Helen from London. Unfortunately she had been conned by someone knocking doors. Helen was after some advice after reading our page about employing a tree surgeon. Unfortunately she was taken in as it was a tree which needed attention and it had been on the…

By Richard June 4, 2014 0

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