9 Trees in coming into bud

If you have been out and about the last few weeks you may have noticed some of the plants are starting to bloom, spring is nearly with us and to celebrate we have for you 9 images of trees breaking bud Tree Buds by barilynn8 04.23.09 – Maple Tree Bud by SherryH80 tree buds by rn.interrupted […]

Which? Approved Trusted Traders

We’re always going on about doing jobs the right way and looking after our customers. When it was suggested we join Which? Trusted Traders scheme we had no hesitation in applying to join the scheme. It was quite an in-depth application process. Before they came to visit us they checked out Our company details to make […]

lowering sections in a tight space

Branching out into business – Part 1

From 2009 to 2014 we were a small busy company but it was hard being the boss, tree surgeon and sales rep all in one. My phone would ring, and I would put the chainsaw down, remove my ear protection and fumble to get my phone out of my pocket just as the call rang […]

Free tree health check worth £100

No one likes waking up to find half of their tree across the neighbours garden.  And with winter approaching its a good idea to get you trees the quick once over by one of our arboriculturalists (that’s a tree expert to you and me). Maybe you have concerns about a tree (or trees) on or around your […]

Tree of the Month – Oct ’15

The is an ongoing series about trees in and around Wolverhampton in public spaces. We’ll be looking at the big, the small, the funny and the tall. Hornbeam – Aldersley Ave Opposite the Pilot pub, this tree first stood out to me because of the fact it had lost all its leaves when the neighbouring […]

Trim and Tidy in Cannock

We often get asked to tidy up neglected hedges and overgrown bushes. Here is what we did Reduced the height of the conifer Reduced, shaped and trimmed 2 holly trees Crown lifted a purple plum Trimmed a mixed hedge Lifted and pruned back an overgrown hazel over shadowing the back door As you can see […]

Why we do what we do

It’s quite often said that we are in the tree business but i disagree, we are in the people business. After all it’s people who employ us and pay us to solve problems with trees. Be it to remove a tree or just take the hassle out of trimming the hedge or fruit trees. We are […]

Overgrown conifer removal from a Tettenhall garden, Wolverhampton

Conifers, they can be great in the right place and if maintained. Unfortunately many conifers are left to outgrow their surroundings and end up to big for their locations. They block out sunlight through summer and winter (when the sun is lower making shading issues worse). If you have them on your southern property boundary […]

Sycamore tree removal in Willenhall, Wolverhampton

We were tasked to remove this sycamore in quite a tight spot. A shed to the left and right. A fence to the rear and a brook running along the rear too! As with all trees, planting location is critical. Its not clear if this tree was planted or had self set (from a wind […]