Rogue traders strike and getaway with £400

Sponsored Ad We were recently contacted by a lady named Helen from London. Unfortunately she had been conned by someone knocking doors. Helen was after some advice after reading our page about employing a tree surgeon. Unfortunately she was taken in as it was a tree which needed attention and it had been on the…

By Richard June 4, 2014 0

Sycamore removal from a very tight spot

Sponsored Ad Removing a tree can be a tricky business. They have a habit of out-growing their surroundings and causing a problems with neighbours, gutters, roof tiles, bricks, paving slabs and the list goes on. So we were asked to provide a sycamore removal on this tree which had out-grown in location long ago. We…

By Richard May 13, 2014 1

Tree owner responsibilities

Sponsored Ad The law places an obligation on all of us to care for the wellbeing of others. This is often referred to a duty of care to others. For tree owners this means that you have a duty to care for anyone you can foresee entering your property (invited or not) or anyone using…

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9 Trees in coming into bud

9 Trees in coming into bud

Sponsored Ad If you have been out and about the last few weeks you may have noticed some of the plants are starting to bloom, spring is nearly with us and to celebrate we have for you 9 images of trees breaking bud Tree Buds by barilynn8 04.23.09 – Maple Tree Bud by SherryH80 tree buds…

By Richard March 1, 2014 1

Richard passes his Technicians Certificate in Arb

Sponsored Ad We have had some great news this week! Richard has gained his Technicians certificate in Arboriculture after 18 months of attending college part time, passing 3 written exams and a further 4 practical exams. The exams covered everything someone in the industry is likely to come across. It was all there, from tree…

By Richard November 10, 2013 0

Beech tree removal in Willenhall

Sponsored Ad Tree surgery is slow hard work and hard to capture on video. We made this time lapse video of the 3 hours it took to remove the tree to show you how we work. [iframe src=”” height=”375″] Sponsored Ad Sponsored Ad

By Richard October 21, 2013 0

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