Branching out into business – Part 1

Branching out into business – Part 1

November 18, 2015 0 By Richard

From 2009 to 2014 we were a small busy company

The tree towered above other trees and lamposts

Being in the sky, atop a tree is great but its dam hard to answer the phone!

but it was hard being the boss, tree surgeon and sales rep all in one. My phone would ring, and I would put the chainsaw down, remove my ear protection and fumble to get my phone out of my pocket just as the call rang off. But more often than not I was 30, 60 or even 100ft off the floor, roped into a tree somewhere unable to even hear my phone let alone answer it.  Sometimes the caller would leave a message; often they would not! My evenings were spent running around quoting and trying to call people back in a mad panic.


This was bad! I knew I was losing potential customers who didn’t leave messages. But it was even worse for the clients who got a poor and inconsistent service from us. I tried to make things work for ages, years in fact, but I was¬†not sure which way to turn. I needed someone to answer the calls but as a small company could not afford to pay someone a full-time wage to sit and wait for the phone to ring.

Then I met Michele from I’m Your PA

I never even considered a Virtual PA. Partly because I thought everything should be done in-house and partly because I expected it would cost a fortune. It doesn’t!

Based here in Wolverhampton Michele and her team (Jo, Harriet, Tasha, Julie and Rosie the post dog) have completely changed the way I operate and my customers can now speak to someone throughout the whole working week. They also allow me to concentrate on what I do best, climb trees and run my business. But I’m Your PA is more than a telephone answering company.

As there is more than one person in their office, I don’t have to worry about holiday and sickness cover. They are local, so they know the geography of the area and can book quotes in for me, taking into account the distance between appointments, all done hassle free online. They can also follow-up on leads, keep my customers updated and remain in touch with them as and when needed. And most importantly, as a small team, they know the needs of my clients, my business and how it operates.

That’s not to mention the whole host of secretarial services they offer

It’s great to have Michele as a trusted supplier, and I’d be lost without her and her brilliant team!