Bridgnorth Oak tree in need of special care

April 7, 2013 0 By Richard

RAW Tree Care were chosen from a number of local contractors to work upon an oak tree in Bridgnorth which needed a bit of TLC. During recent construction work the ground around the tree had be heavily disturbed and roots would have been severed. There is an extensive cavity in one limb which has continued to withstand high winds and another limb had been lost some time ago. The branch tips were also showing signs of dieback and there was strong epicormic growth (new branches sprouting) in the lower canopy.

Oak tree before and after a 30% reduction

Before and after a 30% reduction badly needed to reduce weight whilst maintaining strong growth.

Because of the ground disturbance and the cavity it was decided to remove 30% of the canopy to reduce both weight and wind loading across the whole tree. Even though the cavity is structurally sound at present, by lowering the stresses upon it we are able to help prevent premature limb loss in the future.

Cavity in the oak tree

Cavity in the oak tree

The reduction was conducted carefully, cutting out the weaker limbs whilst maintaing the stronger growth and taking care not to damage the lower epicormic growth. The tree should now go on to live long past any of us alive today.