What is BS3998? – British standard for Tree work – recommendations

April 13, 2014 6 By Richard

BS3998:2010 is a document, revised in 2010, which lays out the way in which all tree work should be carried out. It covers subject such as

BS 3998:2010 Tree work - Recommendations

BS 3998:2010 Tree work – Recommendations

  • Work specification
    • what should and should not be specified. i.e. avoid removing limb(s) to create an unbalanced tree likely to collapse
    • how to specify the work – terms to be used and how to specify measurements
    • how the site should be manages, storage of tools and equimpent
  • Timings of works after prior pruning, root damage, water stress or defoliation
  • How to decompact, remove and replace soil around trees
  • Pruning
    • How and when to prune trees
    • Where to cut and how much to remove and more importantly how much to leave.
    • How to make the final cut (target pruning)
    • How to crown thin and crown lift
  • Installation and management of cable bracing and propping (to support weak limbs)
  • Management and removal of tree stumps

Unfortunately, a lot of tree surgeon claim to work to BS3998 and many don’t. Quite often tree surgeons claim to work to a standard they have not seen let alone read and understood.

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