BS5837 Tree Survey

Have you been asked to provide a BS5837 tree survey

A BS5837 tree survey consists of 3 phases which are part of the planning and design process. Part 1 (a site survey and TCP) should ideally be done prior to any plans being drawn up. Often all 3 parts are completed post design as a single process.  This is normally done prior to submission of the planning application, although sometimes it is requested by the planning department after the application is submitted.

A topographical land survey should be carried out before-hand. The location of the trees can then be accurately plotted based on this map.

  1. A site survey is carried out to measure and assess the trees on the site. The trees are accessed for health and remaining lifespan. From this survey the trees are categorised into 4 categories.  The data is populated onto the topographical survey plan to give a TCP (tree constraints plan). The TCP show the above and underground spread of the tree canopy and its roots.
    • The architect and developers take into account the TCP. Valuable trees (category A and B trees) should be considered in the design process and given enough room to develop. Lower category trees can be removed if needed. Dangerous and unhealthy trees should be removed.
  2. An Arboricultural Impact Assessment (AIA)  is produced. This indicates which trees are to be removed from site and which are to be retained.
  3. An Arboricultural Method Statement is produced. This detail how any remaining trees will be protected from damage during the construction process.  A Tree Protection Plan is drawn up. This will show how the tree(s) to be retained will be protected during construction.

Reports for Site Developers

If your site has trees then it is likely that you will need a BS5837 survey. Its best to get it done sooner rather than later to avoid any delays in th planning process later. We can normally conduct an arboricultural report site visit within a day or two. It takes an additional two days to type up the report.

Cost depends on the number of trees but prices start from £350 (no vat)

If it is urgent please let us know and we will do our best to fast track the report for you.


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