Trim and Tidy in Cannock

We often get asked to tidy up neglected hedges and overgrown bushes. Here is what we did Reduced the height of the conifer Reduced, shaped and trimmed 2 holly trees Crown lifted a purple plum Trimmed a mixed hedge Lifted and pruned back an overgrown hazel over shadowing the back door As you can see […]

Overgrown conifer removal from a Tettenhall garden, Wolverhampton

Conifers, they can be great in the right place and if maintained. Unfortunately many conifers are left to outgrow their surroundings and end up to big for their locations. They block out sunlight through summer and winter (when the sun is lower making shading issues worse). If you have them on your southern property boundary […]

Sycamore tree removal in Willenhall, Wolverhampton

We were tasked to remove this sycamore in quite a tight spot. A shed to the left and right. A fence to the rear and a brook running along the rear too! As with all trees, planting location is critical. Its not clear if this tree was planted or had self set (from a wind […]

Sycamore removal from a very tight spot

Removing a tree can be a tricky business. They have a habit of out-growing their surroundings and causing a problems with neighbours, gutters, roof tiles, bricks, paving slabs and the list goes on. So we were asked to provide a sycamore removal on this tree which had out-grown in location long ago. We were contacted […]

Wind blown & storm damaged tree removed from house

We had some strong winds over Christmas which blow over a silver birch in Birmingham. We we contacted to remove the tree which had been resting on the house for a few days. We were able to get straight out to them, and with the help of a crane, removed the tree safely without causing […]

Beech tree removal in Willenhall

Tree surgery is slow hard work and hard to capture on video. We made this time lapse video of the 3 hours it took to remove the tree to show you how we work.

How to remove a conifer tree

Conifers can cause a lot of problems and disputes between neighbours. As Tree surgeons we remove and reduce a lot of conifers across Wolverhampton, Dudley, Sandwell and further afield. They are pretty straight forward given the right tools and equipment. Here are a few pictures of how we do it. If you have a conifer […]

Bridgnorth Oak tree in need of special care

RAW Tree Care were chosen from a number of local contractors to work upon an oak tree in Bridgnorth which needed a bit of TLC. During recent construction work the ground around the tree had be heavily disturbed and roots would have been severed. There is an extensive cavity in one limb which has continued […]