Why we do what we do

It’s quite often said that we are in the tree business but i disagree, we are in the people business. After all it’s people who employ us and pay us to solve problems with trees. Be it to remove a tree or just take the hassle out of trimming the hedge or fruit trees. We are […]

Tree owner responsibilities

The law places an obligation on all of us to care for the wellbeing of others. This is often referred to a duty of care to others. For tree owners this means that you have a duty to care for anyone you can foresee entering your property (invited or not) or anyone using any neighbouring […]

Bridgnorth Oak tree in need of special care

RAW Tree Care were chosen from a number of local contractors to work upon an oak tree in Bridgnorth which needed a bit of TLC. During recent construction work the ground around the tree had be heavily disturbed and roots would have been severed. There is an extensive cavity in one limb which has continued […]

Pruning TPO trees in Wolverhampton

One of our customers received a letter from Wolverhampton council requiring them to remove all branches overhanging the highway up to a height of 5.2m. The beech tree was overshadowed by a sycamore growing next door forcing the beech to grow away from the sycamore and out over the road. The large limb projecting over […]

The Soul of Trees

Have you ever seen a knot in a plank of wood and wondered where it came from and how it fitted in the tree when it was alive? Ok, well maybe it was just me as a child, wondering what a knot was and how it ended up in the peice of wood i was […]

Benefits of Trees in the Urban Environment

Trees are all around us in the countryside but we are normally not far from a tree even when we are in a city. The benefits of trees are often ignored or simply not understood. Here are some of the many benefits that trees provide society. Trees provide shade Trees provide shade for us all. Yes, ok, […]

How do publish a vCard using a QR Code

We now have our contact details in a vCard format, ready to be downloaded to your smartphone, mac or PC. Getting it online has been a tricky process. Well for me it was. Here is how I did it. It all started a month or so ago. I wanted to add a QR code (the […]