Tree owner responsibilities

The law places an obligation on all of us to care for the wellbeing of others. This is often referred to a duty of care to others. For tree owners this means that you have a duty to care for anyone you can foresee entering your property (invited or not) or anyone using any neighbouring […]

Guilty of illegally felling a tree in a neighbour’s garden

Many trees across the country are protected by Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) which prevent any work without written permission from the local planning authority. TPOs are usually reserved for trees with high amenity value but can be applied to any tree which justifies preservation. Unhappy with having a Maritime Pine tree obscure his view of […]

MIT create an artificial leaf 10 more productive that the real thing

MIT professor Daniel Nocera claims to have produced an artificial leaf, from stable and inexpensive materials, which mimics natural photosynthesis – the process which plants use to create energy from sunlight. The artificial leaf is the size of a playing card and when placed in water it uses sunlight the produce hydrogen and oxygen which can […]

Irene downs beloved 80-year-old tree in Brooklyn

For more than 80 years, the giant elm stood its ground, weathering blizzards, winds, countless dogs, Dutch elm disease and perhaps that most menacing element of New York life – a residential building’s co-op board, which had threatened to have it cut down amid claims its roots were causing plumbing problems. But the much-loved and hotly […]

Save our forests – The debate continues

The debate about the future of our forests continues the BMC reports that nine organisations, representing a range of people who enjoy the great outdoors, have today (10th May) issued a statement to the Chair of the Independent Panel on Forestry, Bishop of Liverpool James Jones, expressing their concerns and hopes for the future of […]

Did Drought Kill Advance Civillisations?

Major droughts may have spurred the demise of multiple cultures and cities in pre-Hispanic Mexico over the last millennium. A new study, which used tree rings to add many hundreds of years to the region’s climate record, pinpointed four severe droughts in the region over the last 1,200 years. Some were far more intense and […]

Save England’s forests, stop the big sell off.

The Forestry Commission was created by the government after the first World War to ensure Britain would have enough timber in any future wars. Unfortunately World War 2 came a little too soon as the new plantations were too young to be harvested. Of course, the Forestry Commission continued to manage our Forests to the […]