Tree of the Month – Oct ’15

The is an ongoing series about trees in and around Wolverhampton in public spaces. We’ll be looking at the big, the small, the funny and the tall. Hornbeam – Aldersley Ave Opposite the Pilot pub, this tree first stood out to me because of the fact it had lost all its leaves when the neighbouring […]

Tree of the week | Common Hornbeam – Carpinus betulus

Last time we covered the Common Beech and as I mentioned that Beech can be easily be confused with Hornbeam i though we should take a look at Hornbeam. Carpinus betulus has leaves similar to Beech trees but they lack the fine hairs found around the edge of Beech leaves. Hornbeam leaves are double-toothed (teeth […]

Tree of the week | Common Beech – Fagus sylvatica

Beech trees are part of the Fagaceae family, a large family with over 900 species including oaks and chestnuts. There are around 10 trees in the Fagus genus. Fagus sylvatica is common around the UK and most of Europe and is considered native in southern England and non-native in the north of England. The common Beech is […]