Bridgnorth Oak tree in need of special care

RAW Tree Care were chosen from a number of local contractors to work upon an oak tree in Bridgnorth which needed a bit of TLC. During recent construction work the ground around the tree had be heavily disturbed and roots would have been severed. There is an extensive cavity in one limb which has continued […]

Pruning TPO trees in Wolverhampton

One of our customers received a letter from Wolverhampton council requiring them to remove all branches overhanging the highway up to a height of 5.2m. The beech tree was overshadowed by a sycamore growing next door forcing the beech to grow away from the sycamore and out over the road. The large limb projecting over […]

Oak tree crown lift

We conducted a crown lift an oak tree last week for a customer in¬†Wolverhampton. The tree had be worked on in the past on the neighbour’s side which had given an unbalanced crown shape. As you can see in the first picture the branches on the right side of the tree are much higher than […]

Horse chestnut falls across neighbours driveway

Well it wasn’t the whole tree, only a limb, but the damage to the car was enough for it to be written off by the insurance company. We we called in to clear up the fallen limb and remove the tree, which was in decline and infected with honey fungus. The horse chestnut, or conker […]

Save our forests – The debate continues

The debate about the future of our forests continues the BMC reports that nine organisations, representing a range of people who enjoy the great outdoors, have today (10th May) issued a statement to the Chair of the Independent Panel on Forestry, Bishop of Liverpool James Jones, expressing their concerns and hopes for the future of […]

Legal constraints on tree surgeons

There are many regulations that control what tree surgeons can and cannot do. Working at height regulstions, health and safety at work act, lifting operation and lifting equipment regulations (LOLER) are only a few. Most of these regulations will be met by your tree surgeon without you noticing, unless they are cowboys. For example, tree […]

Save England’s forests, stop the big sell off.

The Forestry Commission was created by the government after the first World War to ensure Britain would have enough timber in any future wars. Unfortunately World War 2 came a little too soon as the new plantations were too young to be harvested. Of course, the Forestry Commission continued to manage our Forests to the […]