Which? Approved Trusted Traders

We’re always going on about doing jobs the right way and looking after our customers. When it was suggested we join Which? Trusted Traders scheme we had no hesitation in applying to join the scheme. It was quite an in-depth application process. Before they came to visit us they checked out Our company details to make […]

Sycamore tree removal in Willenhall, Wolverhampton

We were tasked to remove this sycamore in quite a tight spot. A shed to the left and right. A fence to the rear and a brook running along the rear too! As with all trees, planting location is critical. Its not clear if this tree was planted or had self set (from a wind […]

Rogue traders strike and getaway with £400

We were recently contacted by a lady named Helen from London. Unfortunately she had been conned by someone knocking doors. Helen was after some advice after reading our page about employing a tree surgeon. Unfortunately she was taken in as it was a tree which needed attention and it had been on the “when i […]

Richard passes his Technicians Certificate in Arb

We have had some great news this week! Richard has gained his Technicians certificate in Arboriculture after 18 months of attending college part time, passing 3 written exams and a further 4 practical exams. The exams covered everything someone in the industry is likely to come across. It was all there, from tree law, planting […]

Forest Year Time-lapse

For two years photographer SAMUEL ORR took 40,000 pictures and stiched them together to make this wonderful video of a forest going through the season. You see the snow melting away, the bare trees develop leaves, only to lose them again a minute or so later. It’s a great video and must have been time-consuming […]

Willow reduction – framework pollard

We were contacted some time ago about this tree. The owner did not want to have the tree removed but the neighbours were not happy about its size and wanted it gone. As a compromise we decided a framework pollard would be the best approach to take. A pollard is an ancient pruning method similar to coppicing, all the […]

Working at heights – Tower Climbing

Well its a sunday and I thought I would bring you a video a friend showed me today. Tree surgeons are used to working with ropes and there are many other people in rope access who do the same on man-made structures. I prefer climbing trees as there is generally a limb to stand on […]