Cheap woodchip

Our work takes us across the West Midlands and we produce a lot of woodchip. Most of this is taken for recycling (for compost or energy production) but some goes to households and allotments for mulch, compost or adding to borders. Some people also use the woodchip as animal bedding.

Over the summer months the chip will contain leaves, but this is usually a small percentage of the weight, and this is common for all tree surgeons. Winter is the best time for leaf-less chip unless we are removing a dead tree in summer. On the other hand, conifers will give green woodchip over the winter months, if that is what you require.

We normally deliver on a full load or half load basis. Due to the nature of our business we are unable to provide woodchip by the bag.


A sample of our woodchip

A sample of our woodchip

At present we are only able to deliver in bulk by the transit load or half.

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