Cheap woodchip

Due to the closure of the business, we are no longer able to offer woodchip.

You can try a few tree surgeons that are local to you but you should know the following.

Most provide woodchip straight from the tree and it will be woodchip, not bark.

If you are looking for free or cheap woodchip them many local companies will be happy to off load some to you. It will either be during the day when they need to empty a full load or at the end of the day when the need to empty the van so you must be ready to have a whole load (3-5 cubic meters) tipped on your property and left.

If you are happy to pay then a tree surgeon will be more accommodating around a time and date and amount

In the summer months, the chip will contain a lot of leaf matter which will rot quickly but the woodchip will also have a high water content and it will soon start to rot. Even in winter, the wood will contain enough water to rot quite quickly. As it rots it will deplete nitrogen from the soil which can cause soil fertility to drop. Woodchip is therefore great for paths, but not so great as mulch.