Conifer Hedge Trimming in Wolverhampton

May 9, 2012 2 By Richard

Remember the hot weather a month or so ago? Well it was durning that time we were contacted about a large conifer hedge at a Wolverhampton home near Tetenhall, Newbridge to be precise.

Most of the garden under the trees was taken up by a large fish pond and extracting the waste up the steps and through the garage would have been hard slow work. Luckily to the right of the garden there was an industrial unit – Wolves Hire . They were happy for us to use the area in front of the unit as a drop zone for the branches we were removing.

All of the branches had to be passed over to the right

The ones on the left were easy to work on and one climber worked to make enough room to pass the ones further away through the gap made. When we were to far to pass the branches safely to the ground a second climber was used to pass the branches along the hedge  before passing them to the waiting ground staff.

We worked from right to left, passing the removed branches over to the right hand side of the picture

The job went smoothly and the customer was left with more light but without loosing any privacy and, despite the threatening skys, we did not get wet.

If you have a tree which needs attention please do get in touch