Complimentary tree health check

No one likes waking up to find half of their tree across the neighbours garden.  And with winter approaching its a good idea to get you trees the quick once over by one of our arboriculturalists (that’s a tree expert to you and me).

Maybe you have concerns about a tree (or trees) on or around your property? Maybe you have questions about stability, a broken branch, proximity to your property or have light/shading issues?

Wwpid-2015-10-24-17.52.14.jpg.jpeghy not get your trees checked by our qualified arborists. Will we use our knowledge and experience to give your tree(s) a visual assessment and a inform you of any necessary work along with any work which may be beneficial to you. But don’t worry, we never recommend work which is not needed.

We use our knowledge based on years of formal education to look over the tree from shoot tip to the root tip looking for irregularities, defects and deformities which are likely to cause problems now, or in the future.

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So if you live in Wolverhampton, Cannock, Telford or Dudley just pop your details in below and we will get it touch to arrange a suitable time to visit:

**One hour max inspection