Tree Cutting

Professional Tree Cutting

Tree cutting for maintenance

Tree cutting is an essential part of tree maintenance. How often you need your tree cutting and how much depends on how neat and tidy you want your tree to be. If you want a really nice and tight bush you should be looking at cutting the tree every 6 months or so, taking only a little off. Bigger trees will be less frequent, maybe 10 years or more. Maybe you want a regular trim to keep your trees looking their best or maybe you want a bit more light in the garden? Whatever you need, we can provide you with a hassle free service.


Sometimes tree cutting is done to remove the tree completely. We have been cutting down trees across the West Midlands many few years now and we have become experts dealing with trees in difficult and tricky locations. This means we have become even better at dealing with trees in less demanding situations with minimal disruption to you.

When cutting trees our staff work from ropes and harnesses to safely cut trees and reduce their size, adjust their shape, thin out the crown or to cut them down to the ground. All our prices include removal of waste branches and timber (unless otherwise arranged). The branches are processed on site through our wood chipper and loaded onto our vehicles and recycled into fuel or compost, so getting rid of the waste is one less thing for you to worry about.

Why choose RAW Tree Care to cut your tree?

We are professional tree surgeons, cutting trees is all we do. In fact we are used by several other tree surgeons to help with the jobs they are unable to do alone. Our experience and dedicated staff work safely but efficiently. This means we can pass on the savings to you, our customer.