Overgrown conifer removal from a Tettenhall garden, Wolverhampton

March 31, 2015 0 By Richard

Conifers, they can be great in the right place and if maintained. Unfortunately many conifers are left to outgrow their surroundings and end up to big for their locations. They block out sunlight through summer and winter (when the sun is lower making shading issues worse). If you have them on your southern property boundary you might not even be aware that your neighbours are plunged into darkness. Conifer removal is what we do which is why we were recently tasked with removing 6 or so very large conifers along a boundary. They had suffered fire damage in the past and were within falling distance of the houses (should the worst of happened). Unfortunately (for the trees) it was time for these confers to be removed and bring a bit of sunlight back to an overshadowed neighbour.

[su_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y1GpufLkBto” width=”320″]

It took 2 days to remove the trees which produced about 3.5 tonnes of chip and about the same amount of wood, all of which was reused as wood fuel or composted down for soil enrichment.

Stump grinding tree stumps

Stump grinding removes the main stump and some of the roots allowing for a tidier look and replanting possibilities

The stumps had pushed the fence over, by quite a lot over the years, and after the trees were down we returned with our stump grinder to remove the roots and stumps to allow the fence to be put back up, in line with the original boundary.