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Peace of mind when you are buying or selling a property containing trees



You’ve spent ages, years maybe, finding you dream home but it has a tree in the garden. This can be a great joy, but it can also be a problem for a number of reasons

  • Your mortgage provider may not release funds without a Homebuyers Tree Survey
  • You might be worried about the impact the tree will have on the long-term value of the property
  • Is the tree dangerous in its present state
  • What is the likely  cost of ongoing maintenance

A homebuyer survey is a written report which can give you peace of mind over tree ownership.

An arboricultural report for mortgage providers

Mortgage providers often ask for a Homebuyers Tree Survey if there is a tree within influencing distance. That could be up to 30m  (100ft) away from your property. Most mortgage providers will only ask for this when you are days away from completion, adding stress to an already stressful time in your life. Without it they funds will not be released putting the move at risk!

We’ve helped many people through this process by providing written reports electronically within days of being instructed to undertake the survey.

Reducing the stress of buying a home

You probably only have one or two trees that are cause for concern but our basic package allows for up to 10 trees of concern to be surveyed. We do this to reduce some of the stress for you. We also provide a fast turnaround and will get the report back to you as soon as we physically can so you can proceed with the purchase as smoothly as possible.

Be prepared

If you have a tree in your garden we always recommend getting a Homebuyers Tree Survey do as soon as possible. Ideally along with the other surveys and definitely before the mortgage provider requests for it. They really do tend to leave it until the 11th hour!

By having a survey done in the initial stages you can

  • Have a report ready to go if the lender needs an arboricultural report
  • Understand the financial and physical demands of owning the tree
  • Understand the legal constraints of protected trees
  • Be made aware of any major issues. This may help you negotiate a better price

Additional information


Small – 1 to 10 trees (£199), Medium – 11 to 20 trees (£349), Large – 20+ trees (£499)


Normal – within 5 business days, Fast – 3 business days (+£50)

Number of trees

Sometimes its difficult to know how many trees you have and should they be classed as a group or an individual. Our packages take the worry out of counting and providing an accurate number to us.

Up to 25 trees included

We have 3 packages which suit most requirements. For bigger surveys, our large package includes 25 trees, any trees over that are charged at £15 per additional tree and billed separately.

Area covered

Our prices reflect surveys done within 40 miles of our office. If you are outside of that area then we would still love to survey your trees but we might have to charge a small additional amount. We will let you know this before we undertake any work for you to avoid any unexpected additional costs. If you’re are not happy we can arrange a full refund.


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