Richard passes his Technicians Certificate in Arb

We have had some great news this week! Richard has gained his Technicians certificate in Arboriculture after 18 months of attending college part time, passing 3 written exams and a further 4 practical exams. The exams covered everything someone in the industry is likely to come across. It was all there, from tree law, planting & nursery stock, tree ident, management practices, woodland management, tree physiology, tree reports and development site surveys.

“Its been a tough 2 years with a lot of hard working going into learning a vast array of knowledge related to arboriculture. I had 4.5 hours of written exams and one monster day filled with 6 hours of practical examinations. It was a nerve wrecking day and leaves all the candidates mentally exhausted. Its great news to hear I’ve passed the qualification”

Richard must be a sucker for punishment as he back at college studying towards a professional diploma in arboriculture, a much harder course but one which is definitely worth doing.

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