Stump Grinding

Stump grinding!

Stump grinding is quicker and far less destructive than digging out the stump, it’s less back breaking too.

A new stump grinder can provide cost effective stump removal. A little stump grinder can get a lot of places. It’s narrow enough to fit through most gates into back gardens. It’s heavy at over 100 kgs but easily¬†maneuverable¬†and can be lifted up steps with four or more hands.

Most machines can remove the roots down to 6 inches below the soil level. Going deeper is possible but you should specify that when getting quotes. 6 inches is deep enough to prevent most trees growing back.

Will all the roots be removed?

Probably not. Its stump grinding and the purpose is to remove the stump to prevent regrowth and leave the ground level. The roots will proliferate everywhere and if you want to completely remove all the roots (overkill) then a digger will be needed to remove the top few inches/feet of soil.