Sycamore removal from a very tight spot

May 13, 2014 1 By Richard

Removing a tree can be a tricky business. They have a habit of out-growing their surroundings and causing a problems with neighbours, gutters, roof tiles, bricks, paving slabs and the list goes on. So we were asked to provide a sycamore removal on this tree which had out-grown in location long ago.

We were contacted to tender for the removal of a sycamore in amongst some victorian terrace houses. Given enough room we would normally cut each branch and let it fall to the ground. We only do this when there is enough space to do so, otherwise things may get broken.

This tree had no room what so ever to drop anything. Everything had to be lowered to the ground using our rigging equipment. Most of the branches were small enough to be lifted by a single man but some of the stem was safely and slowly lowered in larger pieces. Many of the branches projected over the houses an great care had to be taken to ensure no roof tiles were broken.

Before we started we used a bin to protect the shrubs directly under the tree from the knocks and scrapes. Working from a rope and harness we installed a lowering rope and pulley.

Lowering timber is a daily occurrence for us so we were able to quickly remove the crown, branch by branch. The larger stem was then lowered in manageable pieces from an anchor point on the smaller stem. The smaller one was then lowered off itself. By this point we were low enough to cut thin rings off the tree and pass these to the ground staff. We managed to get all of the tree down to ground level with no damage to any property. Unfortunately our company rake did give up the ghost that day, probably due to years of over enthusiastic cleaning.

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