Sycamore tree removal in Willenhall, Wolverhampton

September 20, 2014 0 By Richard

We were tasked to remove this sycamore in quite a tight spot. A shed to the left and right. A fence to the rear and a brook running along the rear too!

As with all trees, planting location is critical. Its not clear if this tree was planted or had self set (from a wind blown seed) but it had a few issues which could not be ignored.

  • Its got the potential to double in height, spread and stem diameter over time
  • Provides heavy shade and harbours large colonies of greenfly
  • Greenfly on trees produce a sticky sap which covers everything under the tree, this is called honeydew
  • The tree had two stems from the ground level and in this case was a structural weakness in the tree prone to failure
  • The trunk butted against a fence post which would have been pushed over in the not to distant future.

We worked as quickly and efficiently as we could lowering all the branches to the ground and we remove all the waste and timber from the property allowing our customer to enjoy her outdoor space without those pesky greenfly covering everything.

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