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The problems with finding a tree surgeon

The problems with finding a tree surgeon

I spent 7 years of my life running my own tree surgeon business and during that time I’ve seen it all. I closed my business a few years ago now and that gives me the perfect background to reveal to you the problems you might face when looking for a tree surgeon Here are my top…

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The Role of a Tree Surgeon and What They Do

A tree surgeon, as the name suggests is a person specialised in tree pruning, maintenance and removal. This line of work may sound easy enough. You may think why spend money on tree surgery? The answer is simple. When you hire a tree surgeon, they will ensure the trees in the garden are trimmed in…

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Why are leaves green?

It is an age old question. Ok, its not as often asked as ‘why is the sky blue?’ but it is a question worthy of a decent answer. Glass Prism Rainbow by iWanders – on flickr To find the answer we have to go back to school. Remember when, in science class, you were told…

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