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Storm damaged ash tree blown over

We were asked to deal with this large ash tree in Llangollen which had blown down in the recent storms. This was a tricky one as the massive trunk could have slid down the bank while we worked. To ensure everyone was safe we used a heavy-duty strop and a tirfor winch to secure the…

By Richard May 12, 2012 0

Oak tree crown lift

We conducted a crown lift an oak tree last week for a customer in Wolverhampton. The tree had be worked on in the past on the neighbour’s side which had given an unbalanced crown shape. As you can see in the first picture the branches on the right side of the tree are much higher than…

By Richard January 26, 2012 1

The Role of a Tree Surgeon and What They Do

A tree surgeon, as the name suggests is a person specialised in tree pruning, maintenance and removal. This line of work may sound easy enough. You may think why spend money on tree surgery? The answer is simple. When you hire a tree surgeon, they will ensure the trees in the garden are trimmed in…

By Richard June 14, 2011 1