The Role of a Tree Surgeon and What They Do

June 14, 2011 1 By Richard

A tree surgeon, as the name suggests is a person specialised in tree pruning, maintenance and removal. This line of work may sound easy enough. You may think why spend money on tree surgery? The answer is simple. When you hire a tree surgeon, they will ensure the trees in the garden are trimmed in a way that is most suitable for the tree. This will allow the tree to seal the wound correctly. A tree surgeon will also ensure that you tree is cut down in a safe and efficient manner. Proper tree surgeons are certified professional who are highly skilled and adept at all tree surgery related work. As with a many things, it is best to leave something like tree surgery to the professionals.

People tend to think that all that is required for tree trimming is a hand saw and some clippers, and sometimes even a chainsaw. People quickly realise that tree surgery is not as easy as it first seems. Not only that, it can be downright dangerous, if you are not adept at it.

Tree surgery is a lot more dangerous than say, trimming a small plant or bush. Large branches start to fall and people may even get injured, there certainly enough videos on Youtube to prove testament. Looking after trees is not just a one off occasion. Trees require regular maintenance, which is why hiring a tree surgeon is even more important. Caring for a tree or trees for that matter, is not just about hacking off a branch or two every few years. A skilled tree surgeon is similar to a skilled hairdresser. He will be able to make the tree look cared for, make recommendations or prune it in a certain way to help it yield more fruit.

So why is maintenance  important? To start, it will make the garden look a lot more attractive. Nobody wants to have garden over shadowed by a huge conifer or one that looks like an overgrown jungle. Not only that, the trees also like to be taken care of. A well maintained tree will be healthier compared to one that is neglected. Trees have many benefits including environmental and social benefits, they make people feel good and means higher property values. When hiring a tree surgeon, make sure they are insured and have the proper certification (NPTC or LANTRA qualifications in the UK as a minimum) and equipment (Chainsaw boots & trousers are a must so if they start work in jeans I would send them away). You should check their insurance and qualifications before you agree any work with them.

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