What if your tree surgeon gets it wrong?

What if your tree surgeon gets it wrong?

August 26, 2016 3 By Admin

Trees that bite!

People try all sorts of things to save money. Some are just crazy!

Here are a few of the possibilities of not thinking things through when it comes to tree

1. Using a ladder when felling a tree

Guy rests ladders on the tree he is cutting. What could possibly go wrong?

We can all see what’s coming but why can’t they?

I am guessing that it was too big to fell from ground level. They already have been up there removing the top of the tree so why not remove a bit more and fell from the ground?


2. Big trees near a house

Its never a good idea to remove a tree which is within falling distance of property you care about. Let alone this tree.

All the weight is on one side, the side towards theĀ house

No wonder it goes wrong

3. What could go wrong?

As if ladders alone wasn’t bad enough. Ladders, a tree, a house. What could go wrong


4. I didn’t like that shed anyway!



Another tree which wasn’t consideredĀ properly. There must have been some weight on the back and it looks like he cut through the hinge.

Either way, he should have removed some of the branches off the back to make sure it was weighted away from the house.