How much does it cost to remove a tree?

How much will it cost to remove my tree?

It’s a question we get asked a lot and unfortunately, there is no easy answer without a site visit Our pricing used to start at £80 for a small tree, with easy access. The larger, and more difficult a tree is to work on the longer it will take which will push the cost of tree surgery up.

The following things will all add time to the work undertaken and ultimately cost.

  • Objects (sheds, greenhouses, fences, plants and shrubs etc) under the tree which have to be avoided.
  • How far the branches and logs have to be moved to the vehicle for onward disposal
  • Size of the tree and the type of work (fell, reduction, crown lift etc) to be undertaken.
  • Does the tree need to be climbed or can it be safely felled in one at ground level?
  • The density of the crown. Is it a sparse crown or is it really thick with lots of small branches and leaves?

Of course, this list is not definitive and all good tree surgeon will offer a free, no obligation written quote.

Small tree removal  Medium tree removal

Small tree

Medium Tree

Large tree

Prices from:  £80  £300 £600
Advice and recommendations during quote consultation Tick Tick Tick
Work carried out by trained and skilled staff to the highest standards


Tick Tick Tick
Work at heights carried out from ropes and harnesses or MEWP Tick Tick Tick
 Latest lowering and rigging equipment used when needed Tick Tick Tick
No payment upfront Tick Tick Tick
All waste removed Tick Tick Tick
£5 Million public liability insurance Tick Tick Tick

What do you get for your money?

I cannot speak for other companies, but with R.A.W Tree Care we used to offer

  • Over two decades combined experience in climbing, rope access, rigging and arboriculture
  • We have over £45k of tools and equipment to get any sized job done
  • £5 million public liability insurance, not to mention employers liability & professional indemnity insurance
  • All waste recycled as compost or timber products
  • Professional advice from staff trained in arboriculture, Richard holds the Technicians certificate in arboriculture and is a technician member of the Arboriculture Association.
  • Impartial advice and recommendations
The 100ft tree had shed several large branches of the last 4 years. The TPO protecting it had be lifted allowing it be be removed on safety grounds

The 100ft tree had shed several large branches of the last 4 years. It was removed in sections to ground level in one day.

A days work?

We have worked with quite a few tree surgeons, from small one man bands to large contractors. Most charge between £450 to £1000 per day for 3 men. That’s a big range I know, but the higher charges include VAT, something the smaller companies can avoid. Of course the working day can be split across several smaller jobs.

£500 to £650 is probably what most local tree surgeons charge for a three man team. This is a lot of money but a good company is worth it. Professional companies can get a lot done in a single day. We have climbed and dismantled four 70ft (21m) trees in a single day (which involved a lot of lowering and rigging). We have also removed a 100ft giant redwood in a winter’s day. It took a few hours to remove the branches and 4 hours to log up the 4ft stem into hand-held sizes of timber.

On the other hand we have spent two days up a mature oak reducing it and removing ivy (it was the ivy removal which took the time, it’s slow and tricky work to remove ivy without damaging the tree).


We are trying to put together a way of indicating cost so watch this space! The beech tree we removed in the video below cost about £300. There was quite a lot of timber to move quite a way to the vehicle. Also the way the tree had grown (multi-stem) made it a bit more tricky to get down.



This one was difficult to get a good picture of. It’s the tall Lombardy poplar (the one at the back with the ladders against it) was pollarded to around 5m for £200


What to expect when you remove your tree – pictures