Tree Removal

Tree Removal

Trees often outgrow their surroundings, they get too big, die, develop faults and weaknesses, succumb to pests and diseases or are just no longer wanted. If you are looking to have a tree removed then you should know what to expect.

We no longer operate as tree surgeons but we hope the information we have put together over the years will be useful.

Your tree surgeon should be able to climb any size tree and where there is limited room, lower branches to the ground to be cut up, processed and removedĀ from the site. They should have their own wood chippers which take branches up to 15cm (6 inch) in diameter. The wood chip should be recycled as compost and anything bigger is recycled as firewood or other products.

This ash tree had overgrown the tiny garden. As it happens we were standing in the back doorway taking the picture. The tree shaded out the customers garden and the neighbours’ too. A great example of why we remove some trees


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