Tree Surgeon

What do Tree Surgeons do?

Some of the services R.A.W Tree Care provide are below but do not worry, we can advise you on the most suitable treatment for you and your tree.

  • Pruning & Maintenance – is any work conducted to alter the shape and/or size of a tree (or plant) for any number of reasons, some of which are mentioned above. Selected branches are removed to encourage growth, to thin/lift/reduce the crown or to remove dead, dangerous or dying branches.
    • Crown reduction & reshaping – Crown reduction is used to reduce the size of the crown but the shape is maintained. This is often used to let more light through, in restricted spaces and to reduce tree size and water take-up.
    • Crown thinning – Selected branches are removed to thin the crown. This lets more light through whilst maintaining the size of the tree. We can also use this process to balance a tree if it is weighted in a particular direction.
    • Crown uplift – The lower branches are removed to increase the base of the crown height. This should be done early on in the trees life to avoid large wounds
    • Pollarding – Pollarding is a method of pruning a tree which, once started, should take on a regular basis. Trees can be pollarded on a one to fifteen year cycle.
    • Dead wooding – Dead limbs can be a hazard as can diseased and broken limbs. The can fall at any moment causing injury or damage to property. Cleaning the canopy of such hazardous can also prevent pests and increase air circulation through the crown which helps keep the tree healthy.
  • Tree Removal
    • Dismantling – Sometimes there is not enough room to fell a tree or there is a risk of damage to property (building, cars, patio slabs etc) and a tree must be dismantled. We use a system of ropes and pulleys to lower each section to the ground in a controlled manner, this avoids damage to property. We can use this system to remove individual limbs or the complete tree in sections
    • Felling – If you need a tree removing it is easier and  safer to fell the tree at ground level. Quite often this is not possible due to space constrictions or other hazards. We can use our experience to safely remove any tree, either in sections or as a complete tree.
    • Stump grinding – After a tree is felled the stump remains in the ground. Stump grinders are used to remove the stump allowing the area to be landscaped or replanted

Why choose RAW Tree Care as your tree surgeon?

We are professional tree surgeons, its all we do. In fact we are used by several other tree surgeons to help with the jobs they are unable to do alone. Our experience and dedicated staff work safely but efficiently. We also do not have to pay for expensive contract climbers. This means we can pass on the savings to you, our customer.

Don’t take our word for it. Check out our gallery and testimonial pages along with our reviews on The Best of Wolverhampton. All our quotes are free and you are under no obligation, so why not give us a call to arrange your free quote.

We are associate members of the Arboriculture Association, the Royal Forestry Society and The Consulting Arborist Society proving our commitment to arboriculture, industry best practice and a safe working environment.

Prefer someone else?

We always try to be competitive but sometimes we are unable to compete with cut-price, no frills outfits. Its always worth shopping around for a few quotes but don’t always go with the cheapest.

You should always ask to see proof of insurance and always ask for written quotations. If your tree surgeon cannot provide either of these then do not use them, there are plenty other companies out there who are able to provide these basic but essential documents.

You should also ask questions about how the job will be conducted and what equipment will be used. This is far from foolproof but it will give you an idea of what to expect on the day. Speaking to a few arborist will give you an idea of who knows what they are talking about. We often win quotes based on our extensive knowledge of tree removal, tree pruning and maintenance and wider arboriculture information

What to expect on the day

Don’t be surprised if your tree surgeon turns up in a beaten up old van with a similar looking chipper on tow. Machinery takes a beating from heavy logs and dust/wood chip get everywhere. However, climbing equipment is different kettle of fish. Proper climbing and lowering rope must be used along with a suitable harness. Scaffolding harnesses are not acceptable and full body harnesses are not advisable as they restrict movement around the tree. Blue nylon rope should not be used, under any circumstances.

Once the site is setup (signs and cones out etc) the climber will enter the tree, normally by a ladder and begin work. Large branches and branches over obstacles (green houses, ponds, houses, fences etc) can be lowered off using a suitable rope and pully. A friction device can be placed at the bottom of the tree to lower of very heavy pieces.

As the climber works the ground staff will remove the branches as they fall and put them through the chipper, which can be a loud and dangerous process so its best to stay away while its running.

Once the work is finished the clean up begins. Saw dust gets everywhere and I mean absolutely everywhere. We have blowers, rakes and scoops to get most of the mess up and will always tidy up. Luckily, any flakes of sawdust which remain will soon decompose and it makes good plant food too. We only leave once you are satisfied with the work and the tidy up.

Hopefully this has give you some idea of how to get a professional tree surgeon. Please let us know if we have missed anything, if you would like to discuss you tree care needs or if you just need some advice.

RAW Tree Care provide tree surgery and arboriculture services to the following areas

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