Victoria Park – Smethwick

May 19, 2011 0 By Richard

Today, in between the rain showers, we had chance to enjoy Victoria Park in Smethwick. Initially it seemed like any other urban park, and indeed it is in many respects. It has a great outdoor gym and has been much improved since the 80’s.

The park also has a fair few trees and amongst the usual trees such as beech, london plane, sycamore and oak, for example, there are a few less seen (less seen in Sandwell that is) trees. There are a few silver maples, different varieties of cherry and laburnum to name a few. There are also some lovely old silver birch which tower over a path by the play ground.

All in all it is worth having a wonder around if you are in the area to see what you can spot. There is also the Smethwick Heritage Center which is free to enter and have a look around.