Why we do what we do

May 21, 2015 0 By Richard
London Plane after a 30% reduction

London Plane after a 30% reduction done by Richard. It still retains its natural look and shape with plenty buds for natural regrowth

It’s quite often said that we are in the tree business but i disagree, we are in the people business. After all it’s people who employ us and pay us to solve problems with trees. Be it to remove a tree or just take the hassle out of trimming the hedge or fruit trees.

We are here for the residents of Wolverhampton, Dudley, South Staffs and beyond to call upon to help solve problems within our field of expertise, trees. Quite often we are called on to give opinion and advice on particular trees and we remain impartial. We never recommend work that is not essential to the wellbeing of the tree and the safety of those passing underneath. We always strive to give our customers options and information to make an informed choice for their tree.

We also try and highlight how good tree surgery should look, if everyone knows what to expect then we hope no one will be ripped off by bad work by cowboys. We have had phone calls from people all over the country asking for a second opinion after a door-to-door cowboy has fed the homeowner a load of lies to scare/con them into having unnecessary work done, usually at extortionate prices.

And that is what we are here for, to help people and if we can help save you a few quid in the process we will.


So if you have any concerns or questions about your tree, or trees, then contact us now for a free consultation