Working at heights – Tower Climbing

October 17, 2010 0 By Richard

Well its a sunday and I thought I would bring you a video a friend showed me today. Tree surgeons are used to working with ropes and there are many other people in rope access who do the same on man-made structures. I prefer climbing trees as there is generally a limb to stand on so your harness is supporting only a portion of your body weight. Also trees are relatively small comparing to man-made structures. The video below shows a climbers view of a person free climbing a 1768 foot (538 meter) tower.

The video is gripping and I know exactly how I would feel climbing such a tower. I would much prefer a safer way of climbing (with fall arrest protection) but the theory is that constantly clipping and unclipping uses much more strength and makes the climb longer and harder. This in turn makes it more likely that an accident will occur. However, I will stick with what I know, tree surgery.